January 13, 2011

Crib to Bed Question

I've been thinking about converting Austin's crib into a toddler bed recently.  Right now he is still sleeping great in his crib and has made no attempts to climb out, but we are planning a few trips for this Spring and Summer and he will have to do without a crib and he's far too big to sleep in the pack n play anymore.  We bought a little blow up mattress with raised sides for him to sleep on or if there is an extra twin bed we can bring our portable side rails.

So, my questions is, for those mommies who have already made the switch from crib to bed, do you think we should go ahead and do it now in preparation for our upcoming travels or let him sleep in his crib as long as he will and just deal with the vacation sleeping on a day by day basis?

I'm hesitant to make the switch because I'm worried it's going to be a huge nightmare getting him to stay in his bed and not get up and play in his room all night, but I also don't want our vacations to be a nightmare either.  We're going to have to make the switch eventually no matter what, but he really does love his crib and I predict we've got several more months before having to worry about him climbing out.

What to do, what to do....any advice is welcome!


The Bridges said...

We've had the exact same questions! Let me know what is suggested. B sleeps great in his crib so I hate to mess up what works, but we can't go anywhere because he won't sleep!!!! I miss every weekend away with Chad's soccer and going to my in-laws is awful because he wants his crib. We've debated going to the twin bed and putting up the rails but we also need him to sleep through the night!

Kathy said...

NOOOOOO!!!! STAY IN THE CRIB!!!! Oh how I WISH WISH WISH Will was still in his crib - milk that sucker until he's done with it. I would have kept Will in his until he was 3 had he not been straddling and holding on for dear life that day in September... :). If you do decide to, get an EXTRA LONG rail so it kind of resembles his crib. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Leave him in his crib as long as you can...no harm in that and might save your nerves a little bit...I left both my children in their cribs as long as I could...they was almost 4 before I even thought about moving them,..I was such an over protective mom though, and you are more laid back so don't know if you like my suggestion at all..LOL...I am a worry wart on each and everything..even to this day I worry so much about McKenzie..so no harm in leaving Austin in his crib a while longer where you know he will safe...
Love and big hugs...Nana

Rachel said...

Wyatt is STILL in his crib- he loves it and has never tried to climb out. We do have the same problem when we travel...we did have GREAT luck getting him to sleep in a twin bed with a bed rail at the in-laws house. I would say... keep him in the crib and test the waters when you travel- you'll know if he's ready or not!


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