October 28, 2009

Rain, rain has gone away...

...so Austin and I went out to play!!

After being cooped up inside a dreary house all day yesterday and not even getting a chance to go outside and get the mail due to the constant downpours...today the skies finally cleared and we just HAD to get out of the house!!

Mommy and the little guy had a nice lunch date at McAlister's (because Austin just adores their potato salad), made a quick trip to our favorite one-stop shop, Target, to pick up a birthday card and Halloween candy, and then came back to the neighborhood and went out to play on the soggy (but fun) playground.

The neighborhood playground is still a little advanced for a toddler, but Austin enjoyed climbing up a few of the steps, trying to climb UP the slide and just walking all over the place with no baby gates holding him back! He had a great time and mommy got some exercise chasing him all over, keeping him out of trouble and trying to take some good pictures!


Amanda said...

That first picture is so Tom Cruise in Risky Business... too cute.

PS Missed you guys too at the zoo! I swear I turned around, turned back around, and you had disappeared in the sea of people.

We actually live in Piedmont, but should get together for a playdate sometime!

Rachel said...

Too precious!! I LOVE McAlister's too! I am so glad we have one in Bham. I really miss Groucho's though- it was my FAVORITE place in Columbia. I wasn't sure if they are in Greenville- but oh my goodness is Yummy!

The Bridges said...

thank u so much for the car seat help! it's nice to hear from people who already have them and can give me some advice!

Abby said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that you won the FAB BAG giveaway!!! Yay! Contact me through email babblingabby @ gmail . com and I'll give you the details :D

Happy Halloween!

Lindsay said...

Are you so excited about winning that killer giveaway? Hope you are feeling good girl. PS....you still need to send me info so I can get you your bloggy button:)


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