March 7, 2010

1-2-3 Strikes You're Out...

Nothing says Spring like a good 'ole game of baseball! Especially when it's 60 degrees out, sunny and not a cloud in the sky!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather on Saturday and headed to Flour Field in Greenville for the Reedy River Rivalry game between the Tigers and Gamecocks. It was a packed house and we were very lucky to get some last minute tickets from Ryan's friend, Alan. Ryan, Austin and I met Alan at the game around 2pm and that precious baby boy of ours sat in our laps through the ENTIRE game without a fuss!! He was mesmerized by the game, the mascots, the cheering crowd...just taking it all in, I guess, for when it's his turn out there on the field!

It was unfortunate that the Tigers couldn't pull it out in the end, but we did get 2 out of 3 in the series vs. the Gamecocks, so I can't complain...much!

Daddy and his lil' sport!
Working hard on that bumble bee teething toy...gonna have some new teeth by the end of the week I believe!
KP! Couldn't resist including a picture of the great Clemson outfielder and quarterback!

Mommy and Austin at the end of the game...
Showing his sad face that the Tigers lost...

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Mir said...

I saw your comment on another blog and clicked over. Small world! I was at the game at Fluor Field this weekend too! I was rooting for the team that won though. ;)

Nice to "meet" you!


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