March 22, 2010

They Come in 3's

You know the saying that bad things come in threes...

Well we sure got our three between yesterday and today!

1st of all, Austin picked up a nasty little cold that has made him just miserable since Saturday night.  We were on our way home from Columbia when he woke up in the car and just started screaming.  I got in the back with him and he was burning up.  Ryan drove as fast as safely possible with Austin on the verge of throwing up he was crying so hard.  His temp was 102, the highest we've ever seen, and he wouldn't calm down.  I made my first after hours call to the pediatrician, terrified we needed to go to the ER, but we were finally able to calm him down and bring his fever down before it came to that.

Sunday we spent the entire day indoors with our pitiful little baby, trying to force food and fluids and keep him from drowning in his own snot.

#2 happened this morning when I left the house to go to a doctor's appointment and my car wouldn't start. A/C and now a dead battery!

And why was I leaving first thing in the morning for an unscheduled doctor's appointment?  #3 Because I woke up at 4am with those darn contractions again!  I went into my OB's office as soon as they opened and after 20 minutes on the NST monitor and steady contractions 5 minutes apart, they sent me straight to L&D.  The contractions continued once I made it to the hospital so they started an IV and gave me a shot to relax my uterus that made me feel like I had just downed 5 double espressos!  How an injection that makes you shake and twitch like that is actually used to relax something, I have no idea!

The first shot seemed to have little effect on my contractions so they gave me another one several minutes later that finally seemed to do the trick.  Until I got home that is... Luckily I go back to my doctor on Thursday and we'll talk more in depth then and have another ultrasound.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to make it at least 3 more weeks.  This was a good kick in the pants though that maybe we should find a name for this little boy ASAP!

So, the 3 is done and now things should start looking up, right?  Fingers crossed!!

1 comment:

Keri said...

I hope Austin is feeling better!!

I can't believe you are already having contractions. Do they know what is causing them?? Call me if I can do anything!


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