March 14, 2010

Austin's Greatest Day Ever: Part 2

Since the rain ruined our chance at more playground time, we decided to try out something new.  We had been hearing rave reviews for a place called Monkey Joe's and thought we'd give it a try.

HANDS DOWN, the BEST $5 we've EVER spent!

I have never seen Austin so happy in his life!

He jumped and bounced and slid and ran and crawled without taking a break for over an hour!  His face was red and he was almost out of breath but he wouldn't slow down!!  He had just as much fun playing on all the inflatable "stuff" as he did watching all the other kids.  He even tried to play with a few other boys and at that point I could not have been happier that he is about to get a little brother and permanent playmate.  Now if we could just give him giant inflatable toys for the backyard...we'd be set!  I guess we'll just have to be frequent visitors to Monkey Joes for now.

At 7pm we finally had to tear him away from the inflatable fun since it was past dinner time and getting really close to bed time.  We made one last stop at Chick-Fil-A for a chicken nugget dinner (complete with icedream dessert) to complete Austin's Greatest Day Ever.

He slept for 11 hours straight last night and took a 3 hour nap this afternoon.  I'd say our weekend was a success!

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