March 25, 2010


Well, this week hasn't been much fun....

I ended up coming down with the same cold that Austin got on Monday night and of course stay-at-home moms can't take sick I've fought with this "crud" all while dealing with my sick little guy at the same time and trying to ignore my urge to go get in bed with a box of tissues and watch Hallmark movies all day long.  The good seems to finally be on its way out and were hoping for a few good nights of sleep this weekend.  So, I promise I'll get back to the adorable Austin tales and cute pictures as soon as we get rid of these dark circles and crusty noses, but for now I do have some exciting news!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and another ultrasound.  Baby is doing great, he's finally head down, his little heart is beating steadily and he's got plenty of fluid (my fluid levels were a problem with Austin).  As for me, my blood pressure is still low and I've gained 15 lbs., which was my goal for the entire pregnancy, but I'm ok with it considering I had gained double that by this point with Austin!

Speaking of weight, they estimated baby's weight to be 6 lbs. 2 oz. which is in the 88th percentile!  It also happens to be the exact weight I was when I was born.  It's so crazy to think that this "little" boy is the size of a full term baby right now!

So, all that being said and after some more discussion, my doctor said that should he not come before on his own, we will schedule an induction or c-section for April 27th!  Just 4 short weeks from now!  It's so nice to have a date in sight, and even though a hundred things could happen between now and then, I know that I will have another little baby to hold in no more than 33 days!  Whoa!!  Time to pull that name list back out and get down to business!

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The Bridges said...

I can't believe it's already time for baby boy #2 (I say this because 4 weeks in baby time is nothing)!!! Good luck to you both! Can't wait for pics!


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