March 21, 2010

Visit with Salem

Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting Aaron, Jeff and baby Salem!  Their beautiful baby girl is doing well, but still has to be hooked up to monitors for a few more weeks to insure everything is going ok.

Salem was such a happy little girl while I was there and barely made a fuss throughout the 4 hours I visited!  She was awake and very alert for most of the time and then fell asleep on me later in the evening.  It was so hard to have to hand her back to her mommy when I had to leave.  I forgot how good it feels to have a sweet little baby sleeping on your chest!

Since Aaron and Jeff are having a hard time traveling with baby Salem due to the monitors, they had to cancel their newborn portrait session.  I agreed to try my hand at newborn photography so that they could have a few pictures from her first weeks of life.  I was surprised and pretty pleased with myself at how they turned out!  Their neighbors even brought over their 4 week old boy, Corbin, and I took some pictures for them as well.  I could definitely get used to photographing adorable little newborns, after all, they don't wiggle and squirm quite as much as a toddler does!

Mommy and Baby Salem

Baxter is so protective of his new little sister!
Look at those BIG eyes!
Someone feels a little left out...
Baby Corbin

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Keri said...

Salem has the most beautiful eyes!


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