March 14, 2010

Austin's Greatest Day Ever: Part 1

After a week spent indoors due to yucky weather, we figured we'd better take our chances this weekend and get the little guy out of the house for some fun and exercise!  Thus began Austin's Greatest Day Ever!!

After sleeping in a bit, we went out for a late pancake breakfast.  On the way out, Austin started dozing off in his car seat  so it was back home for an early nap time.  The little guy took a great nap and then we headed out to the local playgroud for awhile.  Austin climbed through tubes, climbed up slides and up and down stairs...the boy sure loves to climb!  He got on the swing for a little bit, but that was a tad too constrictive so we had to let him back down so he could run free.

We started to head over to another playground about the time the rain started so we went ahead and made our weekly trip to Costco to stock up on the essentials.  Can you believe this boy goes through almost 3 cartons of milk a week?!

So, speaking of constrictive, another place Austin is not too fond of being strapped down is in the shopping cart.  We tried something a little different this time and I just let him ride IN the cart instead of in the seat and, wow, what a difference!  He stood up in the middle and held onto both sides while we zoomed down each aisle.  It was like he was steering a race car.  And then when that got tiring, he laid face down in the cart and watched the floor go by.  Of course, at some point we had to start putting things in the cart and that was when Austin got promoted to daddy's shoulders for the rest of the trip.

Below are some pictures from the playground.  Stay tuned for Austin's Greatest Day Ever: Part 2

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Patricia said...

Great pictures Jennifer! I especially love the one where you took of Austin through the tunnel!


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