March 21, 2010

1st Day of School

Last week Austin had his first day of school!

I packed his backpack and lunchbox and we were headed out the door by 8:30am.

After speaking with the coordinator for awhile, I peeked in on Austin before leaving.  He was having a great time and playing with 2 of the other little boys in his class.  Ok, well, he was pulling out all the balls from a basket and the other boys were taking them and throwing them across the room.  He may have been getting a little bullied, but he didn't seem to even notice!

I was wiping the tears from my eyes as I was leaving the school and I continued to do so for the first hour I was away from my baby boy.  I couldn't stop thinking about him and just wanted the time to pass more quickly so I could go pick him up.  I did, however, manage to get some laundry done and get the house somewhat straight.

Finally, it was time to go pick up my boy!  Again, I peeked in before walking in the room and couldn't help but laugh at what I saw!  Two of the boys were sound asleep, the little girl was sitting quietly in a rocking chair and my dear Austin was up and running around by himself with a toy in each hand and still going strong!

When I walked into his room he ran to me with his arms out and yelled "mama!"  It melted my heart!  Such a welcome greeting sure made the morning seem worth it!

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Keri said...

AWW - seeing him with his little book bag on brought tears to my eyes!! He is getting so big so fast.


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