June 14, 2010


Austin is at that age now where he's starting to learn and understand right from wrong.  He understands when we say no and enjoys getting praise for the good things he does.  However, knowing right from wrong and the word "no" doesn't always stop him!  He has recently learned to "test the waters" as they say.  Sometimes he will even do something he knows he shouldn't while saying "no, no" and shaking his head the entire time he's doing it.  It's so hard not to laugh.

As a parent who is trying to teach her child discipline, the hardest thing is trying to remain stern, to keep a straight face and not laugh out loud when I see him telling himself "no" or when watching his cute expressions right before he does something he knows he shouldn't.  He will often look back at us when he knows he's doing something wrong just to see how we react.  When I see that look on his face, those big eyes, mischievous smile and expressive eyebrows, that's when I know I need to have my running shoes ready and my stern face on because something is about to happen.

For instance, most afternoons, when Owen is napping, Austin and I go out front and draw on the driveway with chalk.  He knows not to leave the yard, he's heard me say no a hundred times and has had me chase him down and drag him back inside just as many.  However, every now and then, I look up from my chalk drawings and see this...

...and after I snap a quick picture, of course, I'm off to intercept my mischievous little man right before those little feet hit the asphalt.

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