June 29, 2010

Tee Ball

This morning while I was feeding Owen, I watched as Austin rummaged through his toys on the floor.  After awhile he picked up the toy hammer from his peg board and a ball and walked to the middle of the living room.  Next thing I know he is throwing the ball up in the air and then swinging the hammer and trying to hit the ball.  His attempts were quite unsuccessful, however, as he needed to use the hand he was holding the ball with to help him swing the hammer.  The ball was on the ground for about 2 seconds before he was even able to take a swing.  He seemed quite pleased with himself, nonetheless.

Ryan came down for lunch and Austin was still going at it.  That's when the light bulb went on.  Austin had gotten a tee ball set from grandma for Christmas but had always been too young to play with it.  Well, it seemed like the perfect time to pull it out, so that we did!

Ryan set it up and Austin was delighted.  He took to it immediately and him and daddy played while Owen and I watched from the couch.

We learned 3 important lessons from this tee ball experience:

#1  Never under estimate the physical ability of a child.  Austin amazed us with his tee ballin' abilities and with the right coaching, there is no doubt he'll be a little league star one day.

#2  Never break out a new toy too close to lunch and/or naptime.  Austin whined for his "baugame" the entire time he was sitting at the table and didn't take a single bite of his lunch.  And because it was so close to naptime...well, he was oversensitive to everything and it ended up being meltdown city.

...and the final lesson...

#3  Tee ball is an outside toy ONLY!!!  This one is pretty self-explanatory, but not exactly something we realized until Owen and I had to duck for cover, Ryan got pegged in a very sensitive area and the flat screen TV took a heavy blow.

Adorable tee ball pictures coming soon...once I am no longer afraid to be in the same room (or have an expensive camera in the same room) with my little home run hittin' tee ballin' all star!

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