June 9, 2010

At the Zoo!

Tuesday afternoon we decided to get out and take the boys to the zoo!  It's been a little while since we've been and we thought Austin might be at a better age now to really appreciate it.  Unfortunately it was H.O.T out and my little guys were about to melt.  We took several water and shade breaks and ended up being the last people out the gate at closing time!  Austin loves "amals" but liked the elephants, giraffes, goats and snakes the best.  He hissed every time we showed him a snake and said "mehhh, mehhh" when we saw the goats.  He still did not, however, enjoy the giant iguana.

I got so many great pictures but unfortunately there were many more interesting things to look at besides the camera so I got very few of Austin actually looking at me.  You can tell by the last picture on the bear how hot it was just by looking at Austin's red face.  He just doesn't know when to slow down, my adventurous little boy!  

Owen did pretty well but I think the heat made him a little cranky.  He definitely wanted to keep moving at all times and needed a little cuddling with daddy about halfway through.  It was a fun trip though and we can't wait to go back soon!!

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Kristy said...

Look at that sweet red face! Aww!!


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