June 10, 2010

Owen's 1 Month Check-up

This morning I took Owen to the pediatrician for his 1 month well visit.  He's doing fantastic and growing so fast!  

Here are his stats:

Weight:  11.8 lbs. (89th %tile)
Length:  22.5 in (75th %tile)
Head:  15.75 in (82 %tile)

Looks like he's taking after his big brother with those high percentiles!!

Owen had his first shot at this visit and did fantastic!  He cried for about a minute but was able to settle down quickly and then fell fast asleep as soon as I put him back in his car seat.  He's slept a little more than average today but that's about the only thing we've noticed.

I'm so happy to have such a sweet, happy, healthy, growing baby boy!!

Showing off his boo-boo!

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Kathy said...

Spitting image of you now! Wow!


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