June 15, 2010

Off to Omaha!

The Tigers pulled it out and are headed to Omaha for the College World Series after a close loss, a total crushing, and a real nail biter of a 3rd game!

We were excited to be able to take Austin with us to Saturday night's game, even though it turned out to be our only loss in the series.  Austin loves sporting events, especially ones that involve balls and paws.  He loved pointing out all the paws in the stadium (and there were plenty!) and that boy still loves a ball.  However, he did not love the heat...and neither did I!!

I can't remember the last time I was that miserably hot and Austin's red face and wet hair were all the proof we needed to see that he was feeling about the same way.  We loaded him down with plenty of water, frozen lemonade and icee and it must have done the trick!  Once that sun went down and the little guy was re-hydrated, he had enough of that baseball watching and was ready to be on the move!!

I took Austin out to a grassy field right outside the stadium and he ran and jumped and chased and threw his baseball until I had to make him stop before he (or I) had a heat stroke!!  He got sand in his shoe at one point and wouldn't stop shaking his foot until I just had to take his shoes off completely.  He loved running through the grass in bare feet but accidentally stepped in a patch of dry dirt while chasing down his ball and stopped dead in his tracks and started whining.  He would not take a single step in that dirt!!  I had to lift him away from the dirt and into the grass before he would walk on his own again.  I just love discovering little quirks like that!

Austin and I made it back to our seats to watch the final out of the game and then Austin rode on daddy's shoulders back to the car.  We stripped off his sweat drenched clothes and put him in his car seat in nothing but a diaper, handed him a sippy cup of water and took off.  We were barely on the interstate before looking back to see that he was sacked out in the back, clenching a half empty cup of water.

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