September 5, 2010

4 Month Old

My little tiger cub turned 4 months old on Saturday!  It was obviously too hot for him to wear his tiger suit to the game, but that didn't stop us from dressing him in it and taking a few cute pictures.

I still can't believe how fast they grow and change at this age.  We go for our well visit next week and I'm looking forward to seeing Owen's new stats.  He just seems so big for a 4 month old, he's got to be off the charts!

We switched the boy's rooms a couple weeks ago and moved Owen upstairs.  He had been sleeping in our room, but once he started sleeping through the night consistently, it was actually getting harder to have him in there because we would always worry about waking him up.  It took him awhile to adjust to his new room and new crib, but he has been doing great for several days now and seems to be back in a routine.

At 4 months Owen...

-is sleeping about 10 hours at night, taking one 3 hour nap and 3-4 shorter naps for about 15-16 hours of sleep per day

-is a total thumb sucker and using his thumb to help soothe him to sleep

-really loves his jumperoo (pictures coming soon!)

-enjoys being held in the Baby Bjorn

-smiles all the time

-loves being outside

-reaches for and holds his toys

-rolls from tummy to back

-has found his feet

-is one serious cuddlebug who loves being held and snuggled!


Mimi said...

I totally LOVE the photo of Owen lying on the sofa in his tiger suit sucking his thumb---that is a real keeper!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You're baby is so cute in that tiger outfit! I actually wanted to get a tiger bodysuit for a friend's new baby too, and I was wondering where you got that suit from? It's super cute! Thanks!


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