September 8, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We went back down to Columbia for a Labor Day pool party with Mimi, Papa, Aunt Catherine & Uncle Nick.  Aunt Geri and Uncle Carroll showed up too!!  The pool water was cold, but it wasn't a problem because it was hot outside!  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

My pretty, pretty princess!
We forgot to get Owen't car float so Ryan ran down the street to CVS to try and find something.  This lovely pink float was all they had.  

Owen didn't seem to mind the pink, he thought that yellow steering wheel was just delicious!

Also at CVS was this inflatable volleyball net.  Ryan thought it would be fun to use Austin's head to pop up the ball with. Of course, Austin thought this was hilarious.

Here is Austin throwing the ball over the net to Uncle Nick.  He had more fun playing volleyball from outside the pool.

Ryan and Austin went inside the house for awhile and all of a sudden I heard Ryan yelling at me from inside the house.  I ran inside fully expecting to see an injured or inconsolable child, but this is what I found instead.  Austin had stuck a boiled peanut in the top of my dads giant penny jar and when Ryan tilted it a bit to try and get the peanut out, the glass shattered and pennies went everywhere!!  The big question is now, exactly how much were all those pennies worth?

Austin didn't take a nap all day but finally fell asleep in daddy's arms after being completely worn out playing in the sun and water.  I don't think we have to worry about Austin giving up his nap anytime soon, we try to make him go one day without one and this is what happens!

Aunt Catherine was trying to get Owen to do the same thing, but as you can see, he was wide awake!

So they played with this little white bear instead!

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