September 28, 2010

Life's a Beach!

After a loooooong 4 hour drive, we arrived in Hilton Head, both boys borderline meltdown.  One very unsuccessful dinner later we were back home and after a very long day we were all very ready for bed.
 Austin slept great in this "too tiny" pack 'n play.  Notice the 2 pacis, blankie, glow worm and his choo choo train...these are his sleepy-time essentials!
 It's a good thing he got his rest, because this little boy played h-a-r-d all week long!
 The undertow made Austin a bit nervous...that and the fact that his feet sunk into the sand when the waves went back out.

 We had to walk about half a mile from our place to get to the beach.  Most of the time Owen fell asleep on the walk over.  He took most of his naps on the beach in fact and very few in his actual room.  I was totally jealous, napping on the beach sounded really nice...
 Austin spent most of his time on the beach playing in the sand, but took a few trips with dad into the water.

 After several days of sun, water and sand, we decided to change it up, get aboard a boat, and go on a dolphin safari.  We saw dolphins before we even left the dock!  Austin was more interested in the women aboard our boat as you can see.  Ryan told Austin to get her number...her dad promptly came and got her and took her to the other side of the boat.  I guess he wasn't ready for his 3 year old to start dating younger men...
 Ryan calls Owen our "star baby."  This is why.
 We were totally those over-protective parents who brought their own life jacket and made their child be the only one wearing one on the boat.
 I also kept Owen strapped to me in the Bjorn for most of the time since I can swim and he can't.
 Owen didn't mind one bit.  He loves being carried around in the Baby Bjorn and it gave me two free arms to try and catch dolphins on camera with as well!
 We attempted several family photo shots while on vacation but I'm sad to say that not a single picture has all four of us looking at the camera.  My kids are already immune to the camera and can find just about anything more interesting than someone shouting their names and pointing a big black camera in their faces.
 The boat ride was very interesting and we saw a lot of dolphins...
 This mama and baby dolphin were among the group and our favorite site of the day,
...but almost 2 hours on a boat can cause any toddler to go a little crazy and by the end of our trip Austin was just about done with boats and dolphins.
 After all, the sun was setting and it was getting really close to bedtime.

 Anyone who has ever met Austin knows that his favorite game is baseball.  He can be quite resourceful when he is missing his bat and ball and will use whatever he can find....that yellow shovel and bouncy ball for instance...

 Owen had the best seat in the house.  The sound of crashing waves, a cool ocean breeze, shade...otherwise, the perfect place for a nap!
 Austin is not one to hold still, however, and wanted to be up chasing birds...
 ...and running away from waves.
 Austin is so impressionable at this age and a really great mimic.  He saw an older boy grabbing handfuls of sand and throwing it in the ocean so he just had to join in!

When Owen had enough napping, he decided to get in on the action.  Turns out he's quite the beach bum himself!
My final attempt at a family picture once again didn't quite turn out the way I wanted.  Austin looks pissed, Owen is eyeing up those big rocks in front of him and a big piece of hair flew in my face at the exact moment of the picture.  This is the best out of 4 by the way...

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