September 11, 2010

Clemson v. PC

We just got back from another great gameday in Clemson.  We had a fun time and even though both boys were super tired after a late night out last night, they did great!  This was likely our last game with both boys in attendance, though.  I've probably only seen about 20 minutes of actual football over the past 2 games, but it was worth it to have them both there.  From here on out, however, the games are bigger and more important, and darnit...I wanna see some football!

Austin's buddy, Tyler, sat with us for this game and the boys had fun playing cars together.  We also sat next to Clemson great, Perry Tuttle.  Last game we ran into President Barker and another Clemson great, Michael Dean Perry (brother to "The Refrigerator" Perry).  I love that these guys still come out to support their Tigers!

Here are the pictures from our day:

Daddy and his boys!

Tyler and his dad, Ben!

Owen awake...

...Owen asleep!

Boys and their cars.

Look who else was getting tired...

...nothing a Dum Dum can't solve!

The three little boys!

Our little Clemson family!

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Keri said...

Now that is precious!! Go Tigers!!


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