September 11, 2010


Whew!  You'll never guess where we just got back from...the upper SC State Fair. Our trip was complete with rides, hot dogs, lemonade, cotton candy and the big finale...a demolition derby!!  We even ran into the Clemson tiger!

Austin loved the rides, especially the bouncy house.  The derby was pretty fun too, especially since it was considered to be one of the best derbys to date!! Lots of noise, smoke, fire and know, those things that every little boy (and his daddy) loves.

We got the boys home around 10:30 pm, washed off the fair germs and got their tired little heads in bed.  Another big day ahead of us tomorrow as we travel back to Clemson to see the Tigers take on PC!!

Austin's 1st fair ride!

...and here's his second.  No, it wasn't nearly as exciting as my face might lead you to believe.  Austin called it "bumpy" the whole time we were riding.

Lovin' the bouncy house!

Look who we found!

The merry-go-round is always a hit!

Totally diggin' the double stroller!

Austin watching the cars go crash!

Still as happy as can be at 10 pm!!  Just look at all that drool!

Me and my big boy!

Who knew a man pushing a bright teal double stroller could look so sexy! ;-)

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