September 5, 2010

It's Football Season!

We just got back from the game.  The weather was beautiful, the seats were awesome, the Tigers won and both boys were SO good....seriously, we could not have asked for a better day!  Austin and Owen kept everyone in our section smiling and entertained.  Austin learned to cheer "Fight Tigers, Fight Tigers, Fight...Fight...Fight!"  He also did the tomahawk chop...what can I say...those Atlanta Braves games really made an impact!

Owen slept through the 3rd quarter so Austin and I went inside to cool off and stretch our legs.  Austin found a little friend who liked cars as much as he does and they ran around and played with cars for about half an hour.  After the game we all went out on the field.  Austin seriously ran in circles around the field for about 20 minutes.  He LOVED it!  I was a little more concerned with the 8,000 footballs being carelessly tossed about and coming within inches of my little boys.

We had a great time and can't wait for next Saturday.  Both boys were so tired and sacked out on the ride home.  Ryan is currently sacked out on the floor after re-watching the game on DVR.  I don't blame them, it was a long, exciting day!  I'm headed to bed to sack out soon as I decide whether or not to wake up my snoring husband.  I've got to admit, crawling into a king sized bed with NO snoring husband sounds pretty good about right now....

Oh, and Owen turned 4 months today!!!  A post on that to come, here are pictures:

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