September 9, 2010

Owen's 4 Month Well Visit

Our pediatrician's office has gotten really popular since Austin was born.  They have had to extend their hours until 7pm and bring on new doctors.  Since our doctor was there from the beginning, and is by far the coolest one there, he is always very busy.  Our appointment was moved from 10am this morning until 6pm this evening.  We weren't seen until 7pm and didn't leave until 7:30 pm.  As much as I love our pediatrician, I just don't know if I can handle an over 1 hour wait for a 15 minute well visit, especially with BOTH boys to try and keep entertained, but I'll worry about that another time...

Owen is 16.1 lbs. (71st %tile) 26 inches long (83rd %tile) and has a head circumference of 17.22 inches (84th %tile).    Everything checked out well and the doctor was impressed with his physical ability, said he had the body and muscle control of a 6 month old!  He also noticed 2 tooth buds on Owen's bottom jaw.  There's no telling when they might come in, but it looks like Owen will get his first tooth long before Austin ever did.  I guess I should have known considering he can't keep his little hands out of his mouth (see above picture).

We got the OK to start rice cereal, but I've decided to put off solids until around 6 months.  There is no medical need to start solid food right now, solids can often cause constipation, Owen is growing and gaining weight appropriately on breastmilk alone, he is satisfied after his feedings and feeding a 4 month old from a spoon basically does nothing but make a big 'ole mess!!!  He'll let me know when he's ready!

Finally, Owen got 4 shots at this visit and was NOT pleased.  Austin got a lollipop and a sticker.  Totally unfair, but at least one of my boys left with a smile on his face!

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