May 2, 2011

Later, Alligator!

Well, moving day is finally upon us.

This morning our moving company sent out two ladies to pack up the remainder of our house.  They were here from 9-5 and only managed to pack up about half of the house.  Keep in mind we have already loaded and moved two completely full18 ft. U-Hauls.  I think I am finally realizing that we really do just have way too much stuff.  I guess that is just what happens when Mr. Pack-Rat marries Mrs. Disorganization...

So, tomorrow they come to finish the packing and load the trucks and by Wednesday we should be unloaded and spending our first night in our new home.  Know what else Wednesday is??  It's Owen's 1st birthday!!!

Yep, my sweet baby boy will wake up on the morning of his first birthday in an unfamiliar hotel room 100 miles away from the only home he's ever known.  Awesome.  See, I had been imagining this wonderful morning of greeting my baby in his crib on the morning of his birthday and taking a picture of the huge grin on his face as I sang to him, and then whisking him downstairs to enjoy some homemade pancakes and watching his face light up as he opened a tower of perfectly wrapped gifts...

Instead, however, we will be reluctantly waking up after a long (and probably sleepless) night in a cramped hotel room, heading to the local IHOP for breakfast and then spend the rest of the day unpacking boxes and setting up the house.  I won't lie, I'm a little bitter about the whole situation, I can't help it.  The timing is horrible.....but you know week when Ryan gets home from work every day before dark, gets to see his boys each night before bed, has saved $300+ in gas money, and isn't miserable and exhausted from working hard and driving all'll more than make up for it.   Oh, we will celebrate Owen's birthday.  It may not be the way that I had imagined, but on his birthday Owen is getting one of the greatest presents of all.  He's getting his daddy back!!!

Ahhh...ok, now that I've gotten all the sappiness out of the way, here are some photos of dinner in our house this evening:

Yep, we're staring at the towers of boxes now lining our kitchen while eating delivery pizza off of paper towels on the living room floor and drinking out of Owen's bottles (sans nipple of course).  Guess who forgot to lay out some plates, silverware and cups before they were all packed away.....

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Keri said...

Don't worry mama! He will think it's an adventure! And, IHOP to a kid is infinitely more exciting that mom's kitchen. :)

Safe travels! Good luck with the move. Prayers with you!


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