May 14, 2011

Moving Day

This was what we saw when we looked out our front door a couple Tuesdays ago...

A certain little boy thought that having an 18 wheeler sitting in front of his house couldn't get any cooler.
Any guesses?

We had to peel him away from that truck, even to go to Monkey Joe's!  We spent most of the morning there while our house was being loaded and let me tell ya, there is nothing better than Monkey Joe's at 10 in the morning.  We had the place to ourselves!!

But after a lot of jumping and sliding, it was time to get back to the house and say our goodbyes.  A few last minute details and we were off to our new home in North Carolina!  

It was a long trip with two over-tired boys who hadn't had beds to nap in since they were being moved, but we finally made it and I hadn't lost all my sanity, yet, thanks to a couple of very important electronics.

I don't know how I would have kept those two entertained without my cell phone and the portable dvd player.  Ryan had a softball doubleheader and I had to stay at the new house with both boys while the truck was being unloaded...and keep them out of the way!!  We stayed in that one little room for 4 hours with only a bed, cell phone, dvd player, some food and the dog.  It was a looooong day and one I don't ever want to repeat, but boy has this move been a wonderful thing for our little family!!

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