May 23, 2011

Need for Speed

As we have quickly come to realize, we now seem to be living in NASCAR city!  With the Charlotte Motor Speedway only about 5 miles away, come race week things get a little crazy around these parts.  Luckily that means that there are TONS of activities for race car loving fans.....and I just so happen to have one of those.  He may only be 2, but Austin loves a fast car just as much as anyone else out there.

So on our first settled weekend we took a trip over to Concord Mills and to check out the Nascar Speedpark.  There were games, rides, mini golf and of course....race cars (of the miniature variety).

Please excuse the hideous picture of me, but this goes to show just how much Austin loved riding the "Kiddie Whip."  We rode it 3 times.  It made me nauseous, but it made Austin smile. :-)

Austin's 1st mini golf game, getting a lesson from dad

Meet the next Lucas Glover, y'all! 

Like father, like son
(The matching outfits were not intentional, believe it or not)

Me and Owen hung out and watched the go-karts ride by.

Daddy and Austin had a blast.
I still don't know which one had the most fun...the little kid or the big one.

1 comment:

Keri said...

Austin is ALL boy, isn't he? :) He is having a ball!

Owen's eyes are amazing! He is going to be breaking hearts soon!


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