May 21, 2011

One Year

I know I'm about 2.5 weeks late, but here's the rundown of Owen's actual birth day!

We woke up the morning of May 4th, 2011 for the first time in our new home.  We had been in our new town for less than 24 hours but figured there had to be an IHOP somewhere.  Ryan and I had stayed up until 4am trying to unpack some of the boxes, but the kitchen was still in NO shape for me to cook!

Owen enjoyed a great first birthday breakfast of french toast and milk and wore his party hat with pride.  All the waitresses were fussing over him and finally decided to come over to our table, singing, with a bowl of ice cream.  This was Owen's reaction:

Poor little guy.  I completely understand though, I was so painfully shy growing up that I used to cry too every time people came up to me singing at a restaurant.  Seriously!  I doubt IHOP gets too many first birthday breakfasts, however, so I'm sure they didn't know any better that 8 people suddenly approaching our table while clapping and singing loudly could scare a 12 month old.

Later than morning when we got home it was time for present opening.  It proved it be a bit challenging for Owen to open his presents since Austin is still a little young to understand that people other than him get gifts on occasion too.  I think Austin opened most of them, but it proved to be alright because Owen wasn't all that interested in the opening part anyway.  He did really enjoy what was underneath all that wrapping paper, though.  The LeapFrog Birthday Cake was a huge hit as was the ball pit and Angel Dear blanket.

And what's a birthday without a little cake?

That evening we once again headed out to eat, and this time we went to Owen's favorite restaurant, Outback.  And yes, my 1 year old really does have a favorite restaurant.  He enjoyed his "usual" which consisted of lots of bread, the cheese from my salad, and a delicious sweet potato.  Once again he ended his meal with a few bites from a bowl of complimentary birthday ice cream.  No singing this time, though.

What a sweet day to celebrate my sweet little 1 year old!!

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