December 15, 2008

Austin turns 2 months!

Today is Austin's 2 month birthday so on this day I thought I'd write about his milestones so far.

-The most exciting milestone is that Austin is now smiling! He started smiling at around 6 weeks with lots of encouragement and now smiles when we just look at him!

-Austin can also hold his head up by himself for several minutes at a time. He's still got a little bobblehead going on but he's got pretty good control for the most part.

-Another great milestone is that he seems to recognize both mine and Ryan's voices and he looks for us when he hears us talking.

-He also follows us with his eyes and makes good eye contact now.

-Austin is also cooing and laughing a lot and will "talk" back and forth with us when he's in the right mood.

-As of our last doctor visit Austin has almost doubled his birthweight which is a pretty big milestone and shows us that we've got a healthy growing boy!

-I don't know if this qualifies as a milestone per se, but he has recently discovered his tongue and must like the way it feels on his lips because he is sticking it out constantly now! :)

Were discovering something new about our little guy all the time and we can't wait to continue to watch him learn and grow everyday!

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All these B's and Me! said...

Happy 2 months Austin!! You are so incredibly adorable! :o)


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