December 9, 2008

Austin's 1 month doctor visit

Today we went back to the pediatrician for Austin's 1 month visit. He's actually 1 month and 24 days now but this was the date they scheduled us for. Austin was SO good at this visit and even smiled for the doctor during his exam. He weighed 12.94 lbs. which is in the 85th percentile and he is 23 inches long which is in the 60th percentile!! The nurse and Dr. Moll couldn't believe how big he's gotten and swore he looked much older than 1 month. They said he's doing great though and they're very impressed with his progress, especially for a strictly breastfed baby!

Everything was checked out and it all looked great. Austin even showed his appreciation to the doctor by giving him a little sprinkle when he opened his diaper to take a peek at how his circumcision is healing!

At the end of the visit, Austin got his booster shot, which I swear hurt mommy more than it hurt baby! The needle looked huge and they just jabbed it in his chubby little leg so fast. He cried out a little but as soon as I picked him up he quieted down immediately.

I can't be more proud of out little guy and are so blessed that he's a happy and healthy little boy! :)


All these B's and Me! said...

Hello from SC!! I saw you lived here as well and just wanted to say a friendly hello. :o) Love your blog.

scnana2 said...

You can tell Master Austin has alot of Franklin in him being alittle chunk, loving those fat babies. Farrah and Scott was chubby babies, I just wanted to eat them are doing something right so what ever it is keep it up...give him big big hugs and kisses from his Nana B


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