December 20, 2008

Christmas with the Harris's - Part One

Today we went to Lexington to have Christmas with some of Ryan's family. Austin enjoyed seeing Grandma and Grandpa Harris, as always, and was excited to see his Aunt Martha again and meet for the first time his Uncle Dean, Uncle Marty and cousins Dennis, Joy, Robert, Michael and baby Lincoln!! We can already foresee the trouble Lincoln and Austin will get into by next Christmas but he'll be lucky to have a little cousin close to his age to play with!

Austin saying goodbye to his buddy Lincoln!

Daddy is SO comfy!

Smiling for Daddy!

Link playing peek-a-boo!

Me and my babydoll!

Lincoln and his new Christmas gift!

Austin meeting his cousin Joy!

Austin meeting Link for the first time!

Austin looking all 'GQ' on the way to Aunt Martha and Uncle Dean's!

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