December 3, 2008

My fabulous birthday

Yesterday I turned 27...kinda depressing to think that I'm another year closer to 30...but it was a good day just the same! Austin gave me my present first thing in the morning by greeting me with a big smile when I laid him down to change his diaper. It's like he knew it was a special day and gave me the best present he possibly could, that and a dirty diaper of course!

While I was changing his diaper I turned the TV to Sesame Street because he likes to look at the TV when I'm changing him. He seemed facinated by the bright colors and sounds so I sat his bouncy seat in front of the TV for a few minutes and let him enjoy!
Late afternoon I was exhausted so Austin and I laid down for a nice long nap together. I was so grateful for my birthday nap and even muted the phone ringer to make sure I could sleep for as long as possible.

When we both woke up it was about time for Ryan to get home. He walked in the door a few minutes later with a pink gift bag and anxious smile on his face. I was in the middle of feeding Austin and I thought Ryan was going to burst waiting for me to finish so I could open my gift. Ryan is a GREAT gift giver and what makes it even better is how excited he gets when people open gifts from him. I think he gets more enjoyment out of buying for others than he gets opening his own gifts!

In the bag was a really cute card from Ryan and one from Austin (I didn't realize he could write already) and 5 ornaments for our tree. While designer trees are pretty, we believe that a Christmas tree should reflect our family and each ornament should be special. Ryan got me 2 personalized ornaments with our names, Austin's name and the year on them and 3 Clemson ornaments (I think we finally have enough Clemson ornaments to start our own orange Christmas tree).

I was so excited about my ornaments and while I was admiring them, Ryan snuck back outside and emerged with a little black bag. I wasn't expecting anything else, but inside the little black bag was a teddy bear and a little black box (my favorite kind of box)! And inside the box were a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings!!!

I don't know what I did to deserve diamonds on my birthday, (maybe giving birth to our beautiful baby boy had something to do with it) but a girl could get used to this!! It kind of made me feel bad, however, for getting Ryan nothing but clothes for his birthday! :)

Anyway, after trying on my new diamond earrings and giving my wonderful husband a huge hug, we ordered a pizza and settled in to watch the Clemson v. Illinois basketball game. I know it doesn't sound too glamourous, but we enjoyed our evening of just vegging out on the couch and ordering in! (We'll go out for my belated birthday dinner this weekend)

After Clemson won a very exciting game, we started our yearly tradition of putting ornaments on the Christmas tree. We got all the decorations down and did most of the work on Sunday, but thought we'd save the tree decorating till my birthday and make a tradition out of it! Our very first Harris family tradition! :)

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Ryan said...

Happy Birthday dear. And for those reading, I swear I'm not that big. I was leaning over and my shirt is baggy. That's not all gut in there! :)


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