December 26, 2008

Austin's 1st Christmas!

On Christmas morning, Ryan and I woke up about 7am and sat in the den in our PJ's, enjoyed some time together, and exchanged our Christmas presents to each other while Austin snoozed away in his crib, still sound asleep from the night before. He started to wake up an hour later and we got him from his crib and brought him into the den to show him what Santa had brought! After such a good night sleep, he was in a great mood so we gave him a quick diaper change and we fed and dressed him and got everyone ready for our trip to Columbia.

We left at 10am and got to Columbia a little after 11am. Grandma and Grandpa Banks and Aunt Catherine were there eagerly awaiting our arrival and greeted us with hugs and mimosas!! Santa came to visit me and Ryan, Austin and Catherine in Columbia this year and brought us all kinds of goodies including a very special monetary gift and the start of a Silver Eagle coin collection. We hung out and exchanged gifts until 1pm and just enjoyed our time together.

At 1 we packed up and drove to my Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Carroll's house in Cayce for Christmas lunch. Austin was sound asleep by this point but once again, woke up the moment we started to eat. Grandma Susan entertained him until Ryan and I finished our delicious plates and then we sat around and chatted while Austin visited with all of his family. Once again me and Ryan received some great gifts and Austin got some really cute things as well as the promise of a yearly savings bond in his name.

Late afternoon we packed up once again and headed back home to Greenville for Christmas dinner with Grandma Jo Ann. She arrived at our house with a fabulous dinner around 6:30 and for the third time Austin woke up right in the middle of dinner ready to get out of his carrier and eat too! After eating, Grandma Jo Ann fed him while Ryan and I cleaned up the kitchen and then we settled down in the den and got ready to open gifts. Unfortunately, Austin was in quite the mood and had a hard time settling down. I know he had a busy two days and I think all the excitement finally got to him. We stopped mid-present opening and I put him in the bath because he really loves his bath and it usually calms him down pretty well. After the bath he finally fell asleep in his swing but woke up several minutes later and still wasn't happy. He did calm down eventually though and we put him in his crib for the night. Christmas was over for our little guy around 10pm, but we stayed up and finished exchanging presents with Grandma Jo Ann until after 11.

Late Christmas night Ryan and I finally had a little much needed quiet time and just watched TV by the light of the Christmas tree and talked about our wonderful day. Although we were extremely exhausted, we were sad it was over. It wasn't long until I heard the sound of Ryan snoring away, so I gently woke him up and we climbed into our bed with Lucy snuggling in the middle, and quickly drifted off to sleep.

While Christmas was very busy for us this year, we really enjoyed spending time with all of our family and were so glad they all got to share a part in Austin's 1st Christmas. Even though he won't remember it, we will remember this special time for years to come and of course have TONS of pictures to document the holiday! We are truly blessed to have so many people that love and care about us and our family and although we were busy traveling from place to place this season, it just reminds us of this fact and makes us proud that so many people want to share such a special time with us all.

Overall, we had a VERY Merry Christmas and thank God for all He has given us!

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