December 13, 2008

Visit with Santa!

Friday night we took Austin to the mall for his first visit with Santa! He didn't fuss the whole time we were in line or while sitting in Santa's lap. We think he asked Santa for more passies and bottles of milk and maybe a warm snuggly outfit or two. :) We had so much fun and even stopped by Build-a-Bear to make Austin a Christmas puppy dog!

We got a great picture of all of us with Santa, but I won't post it yet because it's the picture on our Christmas cards this year and I don't want to ruin the surprise. I'll put it up next weekend once all the cards have been delivered, but here are a couple other pictures we took of our adventure.


Wayne & Nancy said...

Enjoyed pictures so much. This will be a special Christmas for you all.

Thanks for sharing with us in this special way.

JWMorgan said...

Hey Y'all! That is one cute kid! It even gets better, believe it or not. When I went downstairs this morning, I caught Blake (4 yrs) playing with his "Little People" Nativity scene under the Christmas tree in his pajamas, and singing "Jesus Loves Me". That was pretty sweet. I'll have to tell Santa about that :)


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