December 20, 2008

Friday night

Friday night was Ryan's firm's Christmas party at the Westin downtown and since it was important that we attend, I asked my sister Catherine to come up and babysit for the evening! I wasn't nervous leaving Austin in her care, but I was nervous for Catherine because Austin has been a little temperamental lately! Luckily, she brought her friend Nick along to help out and keep her company.

Ryan and I were gone for about 3 hours and were anxious to get back to see our little guy and to hear how the night went. We walked in the door and Catherine was holding Austin and walking around with him and bouncing him in her arms. I could see the immediate look of relief come over her face and knew right away that it had been and interesting night!

Apparently Austin woke from his nap not 5 minutes after we left for the party and was awake and busy and a little fussy the entire time we were gone. The first thing she said to me was "I didn't realize how much work he would be!" and I couldn't help but laugh. I noticed that his pants weren't buttoned up all the way and thought she couldn't figure out his outfit (Ryan has trouble with this a lot too). However, she said that wasn't the case, but she was tired of buttoning him up since he would pee again almost immediately and she'd have to change another diaper! This made me laugh even harder and so I explained that we only change him about every 1-2 hours unless we start to smell something. Pampers are super absorbant!! :)

Anyway, Catherine did a great job and I hope this experience didn't sour her on babysitting ever again....but I have a feeling he was all the birth control she'll need for awhile!!

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