December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Harris'

On Christmas Eve, the tradition is that we go over to Ryan's dad's house for dinner and celebrate with the Harris and Armstrong families. This year, Austin's 1 year old cousin Madilyn was there and provided much entertainment. It's so great that Austin is going to have so many cousins close to his own age to play with. We can't wait to see the two of them together next year!

Austin was greeted by a curious Madilyn who proceeded to say hello not so gently! :) She was very interested in him and always wanted to see the baby. We ate as soon as we got there and of course Austin woke from his nap the moment I picked up my fork to start eating. Luckily I have pretty much mastered the one handed eating thing. Of course it wasn't long before he was in the hands of everyone around and being passed from one person to the next!

By the time we started to open presents, Austin had fallen asleep and we put him down in Madilyn's crib for a little nap. He woke up about an hour later happy and content. He helped us open a few more presents and got lots of very cute things. We packed it up and headed home a little later and Austin zonked out in his crib for a 7 hour stretch!!! We knew he was exhausted from a long and exciting day but never thought we'd wake up before he did on Christmas morning! I'm quite sure this will change the older he gets! :)

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