December 11, 2008

Lesson #1: Never buy cheap diapers

So Babies R Us had a great Black Friday sale on their store brand diapers called Especially For Baby. Seeing as how we pay over $40 for a box of Pampers, the sale price of $10 on the generic brand was all too enticing so we bought 5 boxes in various sizes. I mean, what could happen, diapers are all the same right?! WRONG!!! These diapers are HORRIBLE!! They leak 75% of the time and soak poor little Austin and whomever or whatever is holding him at that moment. We also learned last night that not only do they leak when he pees, but they can't even hold #2! Poor Grandma Jo Ann learned this lesson for us the hard way last night. I thought for sure it was just pee when she handed him over after she felt something wet, but boy was I wrong! I was wiping it off his hands, feet, stomach, back, and neck while Grandma Jo Ann was wiping it off her shirt!! :) We had another "blow out" today at Babies R Us and I had to race to the bathroom to change a soaked and screaming baby. Luckily, Stefania was there with baby Sofia to help during our crisis and we got Austin all cleaned up and changed and feeling much better real quickly.

I guess we've learned our lesson that when it comes to diapers, don't be cheap!! By the way....anyone know of someone who wants to take 4 boxes of leaky diapers off our hands?!

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All these B's and Me! said...

Bless your heart!! I learned the hard way too. I was short on cash one week and bought a pack of the wal-mart brand and it did the EXACT same thing to us. Just terrible. I had to give him a bath in the middle of the night, change and wash all the linens in his crib, feed him b/c then he was wide awake and remake his bed. NEVER again will I buy bargain diapers. Oh, the things we wished someone would tell us before making that kind of messy mistake. :o) Have a great night with your ol' faithful pampers.


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