February 18, 2010

Big Baby!

This afternoon was our 4th ultrasound for baby boy Harris and it looks like he'll be making at least 3 more on screen appearances before his arrival late April. This "little" guy is close to being in the 90th percentile with an estimated weight of about 4 lbs. already! Not only is his size a bit alarming for being only 29.5 weeks...but even more so when you take into account the fact that his mommy is only 4'10"!! Not sure if I've ever mentioned that on my blog...but that's not a typo...I am indeed one inch away from needing a booster seat in the car! So, to break it all down; Little mommy + Big baby = Limited room (if ya know what I mean...)

The only thing they can do right now is just keep a close eye on his growth and we'll be going in for an ultrasound every 3-4 weeks until he's born to monitor things. My doctor mentioned that talk of a possible c-section could be in our future since I did indeed have some trouble with Austin and he was only 7 lbs. 9 oz. A c-section is about the last thing I want to think about right now, mainly because I was hoping for a quick, easy delivery and fast recovery so I could be back home with my boys as soon as possible...but as long as this baby gets here safely, I guess that's all I can truly wish for at this point! I have to tell you though, the thought of having surgery and being in the hospital for 4 days when I've got an 18 month old at home who needs me...it's kinda frightening!

But anyway, besides the obvious size issues, everything else is going wonderfully! Baby looks good and sounds good and mommy feels pretty good, too! My blood pressure is still great, I DON'T have gestational diabetes and I've only gained 8 lbs. so far. Oh, and I'll be 30 weeks on Saturday! My how time has flown this pregnancy...

Since baby boy was in an odd position during our 19 week ultrasound, we never got a cute little profile shot...but he did cooperate for a few moments this time around and we finally got to see that sweet little face! It's not the greatest picture as he is much bigger now and his head is down low, but it still melts my heart!


Kathy said...

Must be a big boy baby kind of year right now - my friend's (Katie) baby boy was measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule! You're going to do great no matter how he makes his debut :). I would be nervous about surgery, too, BUT some people who have delivered both ways prefer the c-section!
I had no idea you were 4'10"! I'm almost 5'1" (what a feat!) and Will had no room, so I was showing REALLY early b/c the only place for him to go was out! I imagine it's the same for you! People were always asking if I was sure there was only one baby in there!

Keri said...

WOW! I was 2 lbs 10 oz at 28 weeks (I know b/c that's when I was born) so 4 pounds is like double the size of a regular sized baby? Wow! Just wow. I don't have any other words! You make some healthy babies mama! :)

Rachel said...

WOW! i do have a friend that had both a c-section and a v-birth... she preferred the c-section if it makes you feel any better. Hopefully, he will slow down a little bit- poor thing, I hope you are not too miserable!


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