February 3, 2010

More Updates

-First of all, I've decided to end the Fun Frames Giveaway tonight and will announce the lucky winner tomorrow morning!! If you haven't yet participated, hurry and get those comments in! With only 12 entries so far your chances are pretty good, don't ya think?!

-Secondly, I had a doctor's appointment this morning and it turns out this baby boy in my belly is now measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule! They've decided to do an ultrasound in a few days to see just how big he is and we may talk about moving up my due date! His heart rate is still strong and my blood pressure is still great, so no worries there. I also had my glucose tolerance test this morning and I'm praying hard that it comes back normal. Three months without sugar sounds pretty miserable to me! We'll know the results next week sometime. Also, I'll do a pregnancy questionnaire update and post a new belly picture soon.

-Finally, I just wanted to wish my MIL and Austin's grandma Jo Ann a very happy birthday!!! Funny story there, she was born on Feb 3rd but they wrote on her birth certificate that she was born on the 4th. All of her documents, like her driver's license, have to say the 4th but we celebrate on the 3rd...isn't that crazy!?

Ok, that's all I got for now!

1 comment:

Grandma Jo Ann said...

Thank you honey! I love you


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