February 14, 2010

Snow Day!!

Well folks, believe it or not, the forecast called for snow and it actually arrived...right here in upstate SC!! We ended up with about 5 inches of the fluffy white stuff on the ground by Saturday morning...the biggest snow we've seen in these parts in quite sometime!

And the greatest thing about snow in SC...it's all melted by the next afternoon! I guess that's why we never get tired of it like those complaining northerners... ;-) just kidding!!

Anyway, we took Austin out this morning to play in the snow before it all melted and he was one happy little guy! He had so much fun just crunching around in it and watching Lucy run around like crazy. He threw quite the fit when we made him come inside and dry off/warm up.

By the way, isn't Austin just the cutest snow baby you've ever seen?! Okay, maybe I'm just a little partial! :)

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