February 16, 2010


Austin's new favorite word is none other than "pop." We're not talking about soda pop here (not that we actually use that term down here in the South) but what you do to bubbles in the bathtub. He also likes to pretend to pop bubbles he sees in his books and apparently thinks anything small and round needs to be popped now.

Today I gave him some round baby carrot slices for lunch and placed them on his high chair tray. He refused to eat them at first, as usual, and then decided to take his finger, squish it into each round carrot slice and exclaim "pop!" "pop!" "pop!" with a very serious look on his face the entire time.

I couldn't help but laugh as I cleaned up all the smooshed carrot....

And from a completely unrelated (but equally amusing) meal time moment, here are some pictures of Austin's spaghetti dinner the other day.

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