February 9, 2010

Glucose Smucose

Well this morning was the dreaded 3 hour glucose test and it was pretty much just as dreadful as I had imagined. After not eating or drinking anything since the evening before, I went in at 9am craving a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit and Dr. Pepper...of course!

When I got there they pricked my finger because my blood sugar had to be under 100 to even start the test...it was...so right afterwards I had to down a double dose of that extra sugary glucose drink, bleh! After that they drew 2 vials of blood from my left arm and sent me to the waiting room with a timer scheduled to go off in an hour.

I sat in the waiting room and read a couple magazines, ease dropped on the conversation of a newly expecting couple and played "guess the # of weeks" with all the other pregnant ladies I watched walk in. With 15 minutes left in my first hour I started reading my book (The Shack) but was too distracted to really get into it.

Finally my timer went off and I walked back to the lab to have another 2 vials of blood drained from my right arm this time and was sent back once again with my timer and 58 more minutes of waiting. This time, however, I opted to leave the crowded waiting room and made a quick trip down the street to Target to pick up a few things. Although they didn't seem too pleased about my electing to leave, they said it would be fine as long as I wasn't late for my next blood draw.

I was in the check out line at Target with 20 minutes to spare and none other than one of the only items in the store with NO barcode or price tag!! Are you kidding me?? Since it was one of the things I actually came for, I waited for the "in no hurry" employee to mosey her way to the back to find a price and of course she came back with the WRONG item. Luckily, the woman checking me out noticed the timer clipped to my purse and asked me what it was. I politely said that I had less than 15 minutes to make it back to the doctor's office to have a test done and she rang my item up for about $3 less than actual sticker price! :) Nice!

I made it back to the lab with a few minutes to spare and a much more painful prick in my future since they had already drawn blood from the two prime spots.

Timer in hand, I was back in a now empty waiting room for the final hour...and starving! I picked up the Southern Living with the delicious looking Valentine's cookies on the cover and had to quickly put it back down. I went wandering through the waiting room scouting out magazines when ....score!....someone left their Heidi Montag plastic surgery edition of People!

One ENTIRE People magazine later (crossword included), I was back in the lab for the last time and then sent on my way! And off to Chick-Fil-A I went...

I should have my results in a day or two...but there has GOT to be an easier way to test for gestational diabetes. Ahh...the things we do for our children! :)

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