August 9, 2010

Discovery Island

Believe it or not, my husband is somewhat of a homebody.  I'm always the one wanting to go places and do things, so when we woke up this morning and he said "Let's go do something fun today," I knew we had to find something good!

We quickly decided to go to Discovery Island!

This water park is not even 10 minutes from our house and we thought it was a perfect day to go play in the water.  Austin had a ball and didn't slow down from the moment we let him go.  He loved wading through the water and climbing on the tower.  He could have stayed there all afternoon!  Owen slept through most of it but we managed to swim around for a little bit before it was time to go.

There are 2 more water parks near here and we have full intentions of taking a tour of the other two before the summer is over!

Can you spot Austin climbing up the ropes?
Owen did a lot of this...
It's not a big place, but it's good, cheap fun!
Austin got so worn out he didn't even want to walk anymore!

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