August 25, 2010

Wedding Bells

The zoo was a definite perk, but the real reason for our trip to Columbia was so I could try on and hopefully pick out a bridesmaids dress for my little sisters wedding.  I can't believe she's getting married in just 7 more months!!!  It feels like just yesterday when we were in the Bahamas and Nick blew us all away with a surprise proposal.

We all love Nick and he's especially great with Austin and Owen.  Austin actually cries every time Catherine and Nick are visiting and have to leave.  They'll make super parents someday.  I'm hoping sooner than later, because I am sooooo ready to be an Aunt.  No pressure, Catherine!

Anyway, much to our surprise we ended up going with the first dress I tried on.  That was some of the easiest dress shopping I've ever done for sure!  Here's a picture of the very cute and totally re-wearable dress that I will be wearing come March 19, 2011!

Isn't it lovely?  It's nothing compared to Catherine's gorgeous gown, but it's nice to actually be excited about wearing a bridesmaids dress and just as excited to be able to wear it again after the wedding!

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