August 18, 2010


I just can't wait another month to do an Owen update.  He is changing so much so quickly now and it's really fun to watch!  I already look back at his newborn pictures and can hardly believe the difference 3 months makes, let alone two weeks!

Owen is so much more aware of things now and very interactive.  We sit here and have conversations in jibberish all the time.  He's certainly found his little voice and loves to talk!

With the increased awareness, nursing has become a little more difficult.  He gets distracted so easily by movement and sounds.  Especially Austin, who gets a little jealous when I'm nursing Owen and wants to be right by my side talking and playing.  When I can, I go and sit in our bedroom alone just to make sure Owen finishes eating!

Owen is laughing now.  Not little giggles, but big belly laughs that shake his entire body!  He gets excited so easily and starts kicking his little legs like crazy and opening his mouth big and wide.

Several nights a week he is sleeping 11 hours straight without waking!!  It seems that every 2 or 3 days he wakes up around 3am to eat and then goes right back to sleep, but on most occasions he is going to bed around 8:30 pm and waking up after 7 am.  I definitely never thought I would get this much sleep having 2 little ones!

Owen's on a roll!  We started getting him up from his crib and noticing that he had rolled over.  He seems to only roll while in his crib though as we've tried getting him to do it on the floor and he only seems to make it to his side.

Owen loves to stand up!  His chubby little legs are so strong and standing is his favorite position.  I can prop him up against something and he'll stand for several seconds on his own.  He's got great body control for being just 3.5 months!

Owen's new best friends are his hands.  Not only does he love to look at them and reach and grab for things with them, but they are constantly in his mouth!  He chews on those hands 75% of the time he's awake and occasionally will get his thumb or a few fingers to suck on.  He was already a slobber monster and this isn't helping much.  His face, hands, hair and my shoulders seem to always be a wet, slobbery mess!

We weighed Owen this morning and he was close to 15.5 lbs.!  He has about doubled in size since he was born and is almost half the size of his big brother!  I haven't measured his length lately, but I know he's pretty long.  He's already busting out the bottoms of his 3-6 month footie pajamas and can't wear any of his 3-6 month clothes that don't have any give or stretch to them.  I can't wait to find out his percentiles at his next well visit!

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