August 22, 2010


It's been a loooooong few days and I'm beyond exhausted.  I wanted to blog all about our fun weekend, but I can hardly keep my eyes open right now.  Ryan actually just threw a burp cloth at me from across the room because I fell asleep with the computer on my lap while uploading all 300 pictures I took over the past few days.  Of course, Austin is up in his crib wide awake singing his ABC's and kicking the sides of his crib and it's almost 11pm.  He's been up there for an hour but won't go to sleep.  In Austinland that means he's overtired.  I'll never understand why when a child is TOO tired they have MORE trouble going to sleep...or is that just my child?  I don't know.  He's been so off his schedule lately that I'm really hoping for a calm week this week so I can get him back into his normal routine of going to sleep before almost midnight.  After all, I need my baby free evenings to unwind, settle down, pick up around the house and just veg out before going to bed and waking up to my full time mommy job.  Not that I don't ADORE hanging out with my kids all day, but I do thoroughly enjoy those 3-4 hours after both boys are in bed.

But anyway....we had an exhausting, but fabulous, weekend and here's just a tiny sneak peek of one of our adventures.  More to come as soon as I can type without my eyes going cross...

Any guesses where we might be?  :-)


Keri said...

You went to the zoo??

Amanda said...

looks like Riverbanks to me!!


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