August 20, 2010

The Guys

Ryan, his dad, my dad and Austin traveled down to Atlanta this week to take in a couple of Braves games.  Owen and I headed the other direction to Columbia.  I sure missed those boys, but from what I heard, they had a really great time.  Especially Austin who got to stay up way past his bed time, eat lots of french fries, jump on the hotel bed and just hang out and have fun with daddy and both papas!!

I packed our point & shoot camera in Austin's bag and was amazed when it came back with a few pictures on it!  Make sure you take a look at what's in Austin's hands in all these pictures....

Austin with Papa G on the left and Papa B on the right!

All 4 boys!

Austin was not interested in any photo ops

This is what Ryan dressed Austin in for the second game.  (I dressed Austin for the first one)  
Once again, I will never understand my husbands lack of fashion sense.  I packed 2 shirts that matched those shorts and Ryan chose this one to put on him.  At least he admitted to knowing that it didn't match, he just didn't feel like changing Austin's clothes again.  That was his excuse at least...

Austin doing the tomahawk chop.
Go Braves!
(The camo hat really completes the outfit, doesn't it?!)

1 comment:

Kathy said...

oh the daddy-dressed-me outfits are amazing - Stephen has the same fashion sense! Great pictures!


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