August 6, 2010

Prayers for Papa

UPDATE:  Surgery went even better than we expected!  They were able to do the heart cath (which they didn't think they could) and they found the blockage and put in a stint.  He is doing very well and we all couldn't be happier!!!  The power of prayer truly is amazing!

There is nothing sweeter than the look of a proud grandfather holding his newest grandchild...

There is nothing more heart warming than witnessing the special bond between grandfather and grandson...

There is nothing more treasured than those moments spent together...

There is nothing like the love shared across three generations.

Tomorrow morning my father-in-law is going into surgery.  
He is in his mid 70's.  
He is having problems with his heart.  
He could really use your prayers.

I pray that the photos above document just the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between Austin, Owen and their Papa.


Rachel said...

Praying for him!

The Bridges said...

Prayers of course! I lost my grandfather at 7 months pregnant. It was awful...granddaddy's are so instrumental in our lives!

Jennifer Harris said...

Thanks girls! His surgery went great, we are very lucky!


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