October 26, 2009

1st fever

Yesterday, Austin wasn't quite acting like himself. He woke up about an hour earlier than usual and was just kind of roaming around the house whining. He didn't seem to want to do any of his favorite activities like read or throw his ball, he took 2 short naps and wouldn't eat his cheesy quesadilla for lunch (after chowing down on hummus and pita bread the night before). Ryan and I both just figured he was tired after 2 late bedtimes on Friday and Saturday, but after getting up from an afternoon nap I kissed his forehead and it was burning up!

Out came both our thermometers and we concluded that our whiney baby boy had his first ever fever. We made it an entire year without a single illness and 1 week later here it comes...or so we thought. I did everything I had ever read to do for a fever...administered tylenol, gave him fluids, dressed him in cooler clothes, gave a lukewarm bath, ran to CVS to get Pedialyte and more Tylenol...I was getting prepared for what was to come! Was this the beginnings of the swine flu...something worse maybe?? But by the time I got back from the store, Austin and daddy were playing on the floor, his fever had come down and he ate his chicken nuggets and banana with no problem. Hmmm... I figured this was just the effects of the Tylenol kicking in and after one last temp check (lower but still not normal) we put our baby to bed for the night.

I checked on him twice throughout the night and he felt warm but not too hot. He slept in a cozy room in his summer pjs and at 8am a happy and seemingly healthy baby awoke! I was thrilled...but shocked! I had been all prepared to make an early morning trip to the peds office but what was I going to say now....my baby HAD a fever and no other symptoms...and now he has NO fever and no other symptoms...? I called anyway to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but as I figured, they told me to just watch him over these next few days.

Maybe we got lucky or maybe he has a super sneaky virus that will bare its ugly teeth in these next few days...but for now we can only hope for the best! I'm just feeling very blessed that Austin has made it this far without ever having anything worse than a case of the sniffles and a cough. I'll be praying hard that this fever doesn't return...what a scary feeling as a parent to see your baby so miserable and know that their body is busy fighting off naughty germs that shouldn't be there.

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