October 14, 2009

This time 1 year ago...

...we had just made it to the hospital after I had been bearing through 3 hours of contractions at home. I just KNEW that this was THE day I was going to meet my baby boy for the first time and I had a huge smile plastered on my face for what seemed like hours (in between those darn contractions of course)! I was 2 days away from my scheduled induction, but there was a full moon out that night...and you know what they say about full moons!

After being sent to Labor & Delivery, I was checked by a nurse who told me that she didn't think the doctor was going to keep me and that I would probably make it to my scheduled induction. I was crushed (and terrified that I would be dealing with this horrible pain for 2 more days!!) A few hours later the doctor finally arrived and gave me the best possible news..."this baby is coming today!"

Looks like we were all wrong though, because my stubborn little boy decided to stay securely in place until after midnight, finally making his entrance into the world at 1am on October 15, 2008 under that gorgeous full moon.

He was perfect and one year later, he still is!! I doubt I'll be awake at 1am to officially celebrate his time of birth and I know Austin will be soundly snoozing away, but starting at 8am on the 15th when my little guy opens his eyes, we will begin the celebration of the best year ever!

I still can't believe that this year has passed by so quickly but I'm so excited to start this new phase in both our lives. Of course, I would go back to October 15, 2008 and live it all over again if I only could.

What a blessing and absolute joy this little boy has been. I can't imagine my life without him and I can't wait to watch him continue to grow and celebrate even more fabulous birthdays!

Happy (almost) 1st Birthday, Austin!!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Austin!! I was so emotional on Wyatt's first birthday- it's just so special, and quite an accomplishment for mom and dad too!

Laura Harter said...

Happy Birthday to Austin! I feel like you did that day right now. I'm ready to meet our little guy, even if I still have 2 1/2 months to go! Take care of yourself during this new pregnancy.

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday, Austin! I can't believe its already been a year!

scnana2 said...

Happy 1st Birthday Austin...you are such a cutie pie...I hope you have a great birthday...I love you, Nana

Emily said...

WOW! It's been a year already??? Hard to believe! Happy Birthday Austin! He is just too cute!


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