October 19, 2009

A Win for the Tigers!

I was hesitant about going to the Clemson game on Saturday with everything I had left to do for Austin's party looming over my head, the fact that it was a yucky, cold and rainy day and with the fact that our Tigers haven't been playing so well all trying to convince me to stay home...but I sucked it up and went out to support my team regardless and to spend a fun day with friends and family. Of course Austin was bundled up in his turtleneck, Clemson track suit, fleece cap and mittens, but Ryan and I for some reason wore thin t-shirts (at least mine was long sleeve though). I'm pretty sure I was miserably cold throughout the entire game but watching our Tigers pull out such a great win was so worth it!

Austin just loves football games, or any sporting event in general. He's a big people watcher and when were in big crowds like that it's one of the few times he's calm and still. I think he also enjoys all the attention he generates by sitting around all those people who can't help but want to pinch those little cheeks! He made a friend of this woman sitting behind us and they literally played peek-a-boo over my shoulder for 15 minutes while Ryan and I just sat back and enjoyed the game. We also got a special visit from the Tiger Cub and Austin went to him with no problems and even let us take his picture. Instead of being scared of the Tiger like we halfway expected, he was so interested in him that he wouldn't even look our way for a picture even with our entire row calling his name and trying to get his attention!!

We left the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter, something I don't think my husband has done...ever...but we all knew the game was wrapped up and we needed to get back to the car to dry off and defrost before we both ended up sick. Austin was as happy as could be despite the weather and the fact that he was way overdue for a nap. He actually fell asleep as soon as we left our parking spot and stayed asleep all the way back to Greenville and for another hour while Ryan and I drove around and took turns running errands. No matter how off schedule he gets with his naps, Austin always finds a way to make up that sleep!

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