October 1, 2009

One of those weeks...

I'm starting this post because...well, it's been a few days since I've posted anything, but I really don't have much to say because it's just been one of THOSE weeks. A week where I pretty much didn't get out of my pjs most days, where instead of doing my daily chores I chose to nap along with my baby boy, a week where I made a huge pot of vegetable soup and ate off it for three days straight, a week where I only got dressed and left the house 3 times, a week where my cell phone stayed on vibrate and I ignored far too many e-mails, a week that was amazingly unproductive but much needed!

We did manage to make a trip to Babies R Us as one of my 3 times leaving the house where I oogled all the cute expecting couples completing their baby registries and then all of a sudden remembered that I myself was closing in on my 10th week of pregnancy. I honestly forget for hours, maybe even days at a time that I'm pregnant again. When I was pregnant with Austin, that was my whole life, but now Austin is my life and this pregnancy has taken a bit of a backseat. I'm still taking care of myself and watching what I eat of course, but it's just not something that's always on my mind or something I always talk about like I did before. I am, however, very excited about my next ultrasound on the 14th. I can't wait to see my little peanut again and see how big he/she has gotten. From the look of my waistline, this little one is growing at an alarming rate....or maybe things just poke out a bit more and a bit earlier the 2nd time around.

Anyway, the highlight of my week was this trip to Babies R Us where Austin got some cool new pacis to replace the 5 or 6 that have mysteriously disappeared lately, some bigger sippy cups to hold his 7 ozs. of milk since the bottles are being phased out, a couple last minute birthday surprises that he played with in the store but has hopefully forgotten about by now, some new teething toys to soothe his aching gums and an AMAZING teething paci by Playtex that is now on my list of top baby buys! Seriously, the resemblance to a paci drew him in, but now he's hooked and gnaws on this thing constantly to ease the pain of those back teeth trying to pop on through. So far it's been a life saver for both him and me!

Moving on, my first reason for leaving the house this week was a doctor's appointment, nothing exciting there, but tonight Austin and I went to visit daddy at the office to bring him some dinner and homemade brownies since he is going to have a late night working. In fact, it's 11pm right now and he's still there slaving away and getting stuff done before he leaves tomorrow afternoon to visit a friend in DC and go to the Clemson v. Maryland game.

Well, Austin and I need to make more visits to the firm after hours because that little boy had a BALL! After saying hi to daddy and climbing all over him and his desk, he went off exploring and just had a fantastic time. He peeked into every cubicle, touched every plant, climbed on the sofa, danced around the coffee table, crawled down the longest hallways he's ever seen, beat on file cabinets and carried around a stack of Post-Its the whole way. He was one tuckered out little man by the time we got home and has been sleeping like a rock ever since. I don't blame him either, that kid got more exercise today in the span of an hour than he gets in most weeks!!

Finally, today makes it officially 2 weeks until my baby's 1st birthday and 2 weeks 2 days until his big party!! While date and time are set and the invitations have already been sent out, until today I had no idea about a theme or even how I was going to decorate for the big event. Luckily I managed to stay awake during Austin's nap time today and thanks to Etsy I have an awesome theme, cute decorations and a really fab (and totally not cheesy) 1st birthday party in the works that I finally feel ready for! October is TOTALLY my new favorite month. My baby's birthday, 3 other family member birthdays, Halloween, the start of Fall, cooler weather, great football, Autumn leaves...what's there NOT to like? All I have left to say is Happy Fall Y'all!!


Sheena said...

My kids are 23 months apart and we had many of THOSE kinds of weeks when I was pregnant with my second. It was also nice just to spend a lot of alone time at home with my daughter before her brother was born. It was also nice on my checking account. For some reason, it didn't shrink so fast when I was always at home. :)a

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see the pics from his 1st bday bash!!!


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