October 11, 2009

Friday Night...

I normally don't post much on the weekends because we usually leave the computers tucked away and focus on family time. However, Ryan is outside doing yard maintenance, my baby boy is on hour 2 of his nap and the housework is pretty much done (well...almost). So, I just couldn't help but sit down and pull out the trusty laptop, do a little uploading, and share some cute pictures since we FINALLY got our new camera back!!!

We sent the other one back and upgraded to a Canon Rebel T1i after finding a great deal that we couldn't pass up. While it's not a whole lot different than the other Rebel we had, this one takes HD movies and I'm really excited about that! Now we've got 2 cameras in one!! I even bought a special book to help me learn how to use this one so I can actually take advantage of all its great features instead of just using it on manual all the time.

So, here are some pictures of our weekend so far. I may have to break them up into a couple of different posts, so check back!

This boy LOVES to walk...

...and do headstands!!

1 comment:

Keri said...

Those pictures are precious! Those footie pj's fit him well, where did you find those?


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